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Are you ready to up the connection in your communication? Don’t want to wait for a workshop to start making it happen? Through coaching you will get a personalized experience with Caldwell Connect curriculum that gets you ready for action. Available in-person or virtually, each package includes progress check-ins to help you reflect and adjust as you go.

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Coaching with Kim is a one-on-one approach to developing your personal and professional goals and the plan you need to reach them. Together, we will take the skills, insights and strategies from NetWORKit and StoryTELLit and turn it into results in your career and community.


Kim is the coach for people who want to achieve big things through people. Whether you need a cheerleader, a point of accountability, or just someone to ask you a lot of questions as you think through what you really want to achieve in your life, Kim will meet you where you are to find the right next steps. She won’t do the work for you, but she’ll help make it fun and effective to build strong, strategic relationships.


While the coaching experience is tailored to your interests, challenges and context, there are several packages with specific situations and outcomes in mind. Not seeing what you need? Let’s figure out if a custom coaching package, consulting project or workshop will get you there.

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Looking to change the world through storytelling? Me too! Let’s spend some time finding the right stories to engage your audience in your mission. Whether you are making a pitch to one supporter or presenting at an international conference, you have the opportunity to create huge possibilities by connecting at the values level. Thinking through what connects you to your audience will help you not only pick the right story, but tell it in a powerful way.

Storytelling coaching starts by identifying the values and impact you want to communicate, finding the right story to demonstrate it, and getting it into a format that you can practice and refine for maximum impact.

What can we create together?

  • Prepare a connecting introduction for a presentation, pitch or interview

  • Update your bio for web and print

  • Develop your own curriculum

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Goal: Get confident and strategic enough about networking to actually do it


Maybe you’re new to networking. Maybe you think you hate networking. For whatever reason, networking isn’t making it to the top of your to-do list and that’s holding you back in your career or community. This coaching package teaches the concepts of NetWORKit in the context of creating a networking plan. In three sessions we will establish where you are starting, name the future you want to create, plan how to get there, then check in on progress as you put these skills into action.

Goal: Transform from a good networker to a great networker


You already like networking and have a solid foundation of relationships in your life - but you know that with a little extra care and attention, you can become a first class connector. This coaching package will get you thinking more strategically about the relationships you want to create and help finesse your networking style. In three to four sessions you will set some solid goals, identify key people and organizations to get to know, strategize your approach to making it happen, then check in twice on your progress.

Goal: Create a plan to build the network you need to pursue your bold goals


Goal: Create a plan to build the network you need to pursue your bold goals
You’ve got big things cooking - and you need a diverse network to access the connections, resources and inspiration it will take to make it work. This coaching package goes deep with exploring your goals, understanding the strengths and gaps in your current network, and mapping out your paths to new people. In five sessions (including two progress calls), you will be NetWORKing your way to realizing your dreams.

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Your best bio starts with a call to talk more about you, what you care about, who you want to work with and how we might work together.


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Kim knows the strategies to move me from ideas to execution. I end each conversation with Kim feeling energized and courageous — ready to enact plans and create change!

Jen Dean, Founder of All Girls Considered

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Kim can magically bring ideas into focus and masterfully conceptualize and package them into actionable strategies. As a coach, she has helped guide and shape my career development in the nonprofit field. I loved working with and learning from her! She’s direct but not pushy. Innovative but realistic.
Kim is a shining beacon in the world of consultants and any company would benefit from her valuable services.

Michelle Vryn, Social Impact Enthusiast

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