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You want people to care about what you have to say? Then say it in a way that cares about them. The StoryTELLit approach starts with seeing and believing in the power of story to connect. From there, it provides a framework to name your values, line those values up with those of your audience, then tell a story that demonstrates those values in action. Stop explaining yourself, start engaging your audience, and create something amazing together!



Pull up your calendar: when is your next coffee date with a new connection? Not this week? Not next week? What is stopping you from exploring relationships that could not only open new doors, but actually be a lot of fun? The NetWORKit framework shows you how networking is not intimidating or dirty, rather the TOTALLY DOABLE way to bring new opportunity and incredible people into your life. Expanding your network will literally make you a better person who is better at your job; let’s get you networking better.


You are out there living your best life and making a bold impression. So how do you capture all that in a personal or professional bio? You get some help. Because this stuff is hard to do by yourself. You have so much data to interpret and organize from decades of being you. And being awesome at life doesn’t inherently make you awesome at writing about it.  Kim will partner with you to focus your efforts, go deep on what matters, piece together your story and write the first draft. This will take you from stressing out about your bio to clicking “update” on your website, “send” on that application, or “sign me up” on that Bumble profile.

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If you've been to a yoga class before, your teacher may have suggested that you take what you found in class that day off the mat. Sounds great, but what does that actually involve? Through our new series Off the Mat, yoga instructor Gillian Brockett and I have teamed up to stretch your body and your mind for personal and professional growth. With three separate modules, the workshop reframes the concepts of agency, communication, and leadership. Each session will take you through a series of reflective exercises and yoga sequences that reinforce each other, ultimately leaving you a little tired and way inspired. 


We live in a world with super-sophisticated BS-radars. So if we want our messages to not only make it through the brain’s SPAM filter but actually make an impact, we can’t settle for BS communication. We must tap into what matters to our audiences if we want real connection. How do we do that? With The Full Connect

Connecting with others requires connecting with yourself. For teams, boards and companies to succeed, members must ask themselves two questions: why does this work matter and why am I the one doing it? These insights, paired with the communication frameworks of StoryTELLit and NetWORKit, will transform your team into authentic evangelists for their work. Starting from just honest reflection and empathy, in hours The Full Connect will leave your team with an action plan for engagement starting that afternoon.

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