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Build your 2020: The Path to Future You

What’s that in the rear view mirror? It’s 2019. We remembered it. We learned from it. We right-sized our feelings and lit it on fire. It doesn’t control us anymore. Adios, Mofo!

Early January Instagram feeds had some beautiful vision boards, didn’t it? I wasn’t invited to any of those group vision-boarding parties, but I can look past that, as I have never made or expressed interest in making a vision board. I do like the concept, as visualizing your goals definitely helps you achieve them.

That said, how do you know what to put on your vision board? Do you buy on-brand magazines and wait to be inspired by the pictures, or do you put together your plan before you even pick up your scissors?

I don’t have any magazines, but I do have a guiding question: how can 2020 be the foundation for and continuation of a fun and fulfilling life? My amazing mentor Corky told me that if you don’t figure out what you want from your life you’ll end up living someone else’s. That means before you make any lists, you should schedule a check-in with future you on what really matters. That way, when you kick ass this year, it’s more than just a quick win, it’s a step in the right direction.

If you’ve read this far, you probably know what comes next: a process!

  • Get your piece of paper and pen or new googledoc ready!

  • Think about the big categories of your life - these are going to be your rows. I tend to organize by personal, professional and community, but there may be more meaningful divisions for you. The Great Goal Rush sets goals with their own format if you want some inspiration and entertainment there.

  • Now you only need two columns: 2020 and 2030.

  • Start in your 2030 columns and describe what you want your life to be like (some examples from my life below).

  • With that in mind, determine the milestones you want to hit in 2020 that line up with your bold goals and provide a sense of accomplishment in their own right.

Once you have your list of goals or milestones, add in whatever else makes you feel motivated to take action this year. Remember: you aren’t taking risks, working hard, making big choices, sweating, crafting, cleaning, running, resting, reading, registering voters or donating money to impress anyone. You’re doing it as an investment in future you, and that bitch has fun.


2030 Kim is about:

  • Wisely parenting happy, healthy teenagers (gulp)

  • Happily celebrating 20 years of marriage (gulp again)

  • Constantly hosting meals and get-togethers with friends

  • Leading initiatives that build community

  • Learning from every generation

  • Serving in elected or appointed role

  • Continuing to invest in girls through All Girls Considered

  • Zero-impact on the environment

This year we're focused on:


  • Celebrate 10th wedding anniversary with curiosity and gratitude

  • Complete 225 yoga classes

  • Write and self-publish one book for each daughter

  • Tell a story at Testify

  • Submit content for Mortified

  • Create and send at least one handmade card a month

  • Read at least one book a month

  • Host a themed potluck 4x this year

  • Don’t buy any paper or plastic plates, silverware, cups, etc.

  • Send a damn holiday card with my beautiful family on it

  • Use my Christmas Spode china everyday between Thanksgiving and Xmas


  • Join a purpose driven team

  • Double engagement with Caldwell Connect content and classes

  • Reach more than 100 people with Off the Mat

  • Find new ways to be available to/mentor young women

  • Feel authentic in every interaction


  • Contribute to electing a Democratic President and State Legislators

  • Give/get at least $1,000 for All Girls Considered

  • Go to one community event each month that is out of my comfort zone

  • Only give the considered yes or the caring no when asked to be involved

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