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Koozies + Connection

I didn’t have to take a DNA test to know that I was one hundred percent that bitch. I’m guessing Lizzo didn’t either; it’s just a catchy song lyric. So catchy, in fact, that I found myself singing it on repeat in places like my car, my kitchen, and children’s birthday parties. The natural progression of singing that part of Truth Hurts everywhere was wanting to display it everywhere. And while Lizzo sells t-shirts with that line, I am not really a t-shirt girl. 

I am the kind of girl who is just whimsical enough to order 100 fucsia koozies to distribute to friends and strangers. It isn’t Caldwell Connect swag, just my way of living shine theory. I see you, Lady, being one hundred percent that bitch, and I commit to being one hundred percent that bitch with you. 

In my workshops I talk about switching up the script. Getting out of the reflexive “how are you?” and “what do you do?” conversations that we can manage in our sleep. Instead, start a conversation that actually interests you and requires both participants to get present. 

Turns out that handing someone a koozie quoting Lizzo is a pretty fun way to connect. Hearing what they love about her, where they have seen her, and more importantly, what receiving that koozie means for their day gets beyond the surface pretty quick. I love seeing the pictures getting texted and Instagrammed, seeing the domino effect of joy created through that connection. 

Switching up the script doesn’t require personal merch, but have some fun with what you bring to a conversation! Who knows what you’ll be able to create.

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